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About Fabulous Jewelry

We work with a variety of vintage and new glass beads from around the world, currently with an emphasis on beautiful Swarovski Austrian Crystal. The metals we use vary with each style and may include brass, sterling silver, 14/20 gold-fill or pewter. The earwires, however, are always either sterling silver or 14/20 gold-fill so that people with even the most sensitive ears can enjoy our jewelry. We strive in our designs to create fun yet elegant works of wearable art. Vintage design components are from original molds created in the early 20th century.

Because of the limited quantities available of certain beads we use, it would be impossible to keep a current inventory online, so please note that what you see here is only a small sampling (hopefully enough to get you hooked) of the many designs available.

About Deda Divine

Deda lives in Austin,Texas with her two dogs and either one or three cats depending on if you count the "guests" who seem to have misplaced their luggage. Her grown daughter and son often help out in the studio.

She has been designing jewelry since 1985. After studying a variety of media of artistic disciplines, she began a jewelry-making apprenticeship that lasted for five years. She discovered an endless palette available in the use of unusual beads and different metals from around the world.

"Beads connect me to a very ancient tradition of beauty-making that includes virtually every culture from every time. I also love using contemporary components out of their usual context. I haunt the hardware and auto parts stores looking for new trinkets. Anything I find is fair game if I can figure out a way to use it. I delight in the surprises that come from experimenting with color and form."