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Because of the limited available quantities of some of the beads we use, it would be impossible to keep a current inventory online. So please note that what you see here is only a small sampling of the many designs available.

Each image is a link to an individual product page filled with a detailed description of the piece and purchase options! We also accept ITEX and NTB barter currencies - just use the contact form to let me know that's how you'd like to pay

Dapped Filigree Oval Earrings Dragonfly Earrings Eiffel style Earrings

filigree diamond with flange drops Earrings filigree oval hoop Earrings flower bow tie Earrings

lattice bell with five drops Earrings small filigree hoop Earrings small heart chandalier Earrings

small round filigree drop Earrings smooth oval hoop Earrings Spanish fan Earrings

stiletto chandelier Earrings two layer fan Earrings